Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Butts Foods of Alabama, formerly Mar Jac Distribution

Alpharetta, GA   November 30, 2018 – Frosty Acres Brands, the national foodservice marketing and purchasing cooperative for independent distributors, announces Butts Foods of Alabama, formerly Mar Jac Distribution as the newest member of the cooperative.

Butts Foods, headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee, recently acquired Mar Jac Distribution in Tarrant, Alabama, strengthening their presence in the Birmingham area.  Now known as Butts Foods of Alabama, the distribution facility will continue to offer a growing variety of fresh and frozen food ingredients to foodservice establishments in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and northern Florida.


Butts Foods, Inc. was founded in 1935 and is still 100% family owned after more than 80 years of service. Headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee, Butts Foods Inc. is an independent full service protein distributor serving national and independent fast Food restaurants, Grocery stores, and Regional distributors in the Southeast and Midwest.


Frosty Acres Brands is a national marketing and food purchasing cooperative, dedicated to aligning and unifying the sales, marketing, and procurement activities of its Members in order to produce sustainable growth and Member business wealth.  Frosty Acres provides high-quality national brands and private brands, such as Restaurant’s Pride®, to its Members. The Frosty Acres cooperative is comprised of independent food distributors in the U.S., Canada, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Members of Frosty Acres consist of broadliners, wholesalers, retailers, C-store distributors, system distributors, and center-of-the plate specialists. For more information about Frosty Acres please call 1-800-569-4821, or visit

For more information regarding Butts Foods of Alabama, please call 1.800.962.8570, or visit