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Frosty Acres Winter Sales, Marketing, and Procurement Conference

Saddlebrook Resort - Tampa, FL
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February 4 - 7, 2019

Frosty Acres Summer Sales, Marketing, and Procurement Conference

Hyatt Regency Downtown Dallas - Dallas, TX
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August 26 - 29, 2019

Latest News

December 5, 2018

Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes C.T. Jewell Company, Inc.

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November 30, 2018

Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Butts Foods of Alabama, formerly Mar Jac Distribution

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October 22, 2018

Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Royal Food Service Co., Inc.

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  • December 5, 2018

    Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes C.T. Jewell Company, Inc.

  • November 30, 2018

    Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Butts Foods of Alabama, formerly Mar Jac Distribution

  • October 22, 2018

    Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Royal Food Service Co., Inc.

  • August 22, 2018

    Steve Roach Joins Frosty Acres Brands as SVP, CIO


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F.A.B., Inc. supports distributor food shows by providing production assistance, booth materials, and branding concepts designed to showcase your brands, resulting in increased sales. To reserve booth supplies for your event, see the Member Food Show Supply Request

Doug Street
Affiliated Foods, Inc.
(806) 345-7883 Office


Megg Mathis
Affiliated Foods, Inc.
(806) 345-7881 Office


Michael Ehlert
Brenham Wholesale Grocery Co.
(979) 836-7925 Office


Mike Fruge
Capitol City Produce
(225) 408-3567 Office


Jeff Capello
HPC Foodservice
(800) 883-9800 Office


Peter Guy
Institutional Wholesale Company
(931) 537-4281 Office

Manos Vournavakis
Kast Distributors, Inc.
(856) 299-3553 Office


Greg Garn
McDonald Wholesale Co.
(877) 338-7593 Office


Matt Milburn
Pippin Wholesale Company
(870) 741-3421 Office


Doug Petruzzi
Pocono ProFoods, Inc.
(570) 421-4990 Office


Drew Snyder
Pocono ProFoods, Inc.
(570) 421-4990 Office


Craig Jordison
Scavuzzo’s, Inc.
(816) 214-4261 Office


Todd Stearns
Stanz Foodservice
(574) 235-8536 Office


Blake Stapleton
Stapleton’s, Inc.
(989) 642-5211 Office


Callie Wallace
Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc.
(404) 366-8550 Office


Drew Wilson
Sutherland’s Foodservice, Inc.
(404) 366-8550 Office



We’ll Take You Places…


The NextLogistix® Logistics Team continuously looks for ways to improve your bottom line profitability; increased efficiencies and operational excellence lead to additional bottom line savings of 50-150 basis points!


  • Improved backhaul opportunities and efficient use of freight dollars
  • Consolidation of less than truckload into truckload deliveries
  • Allow procurement to focus on purchasing functions
  • Increased ability to track and trace shipments, which results in better service levels

For more information on the NextLogistix® Program, contact Phillip Lamb at 678-356-5448.


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School for Eagles

Learn more about the Frosty Acres School for Eagles, and how innovative training techniques, real world situation coaching, and advanced product knowledge will boost motivation, enhance team building, build confidence and increase overall sales growth.

Contact Rob Keeney, Director of Training, today!

Rob Keeney


Roy Ezell
Affiliated Foods, Inc.
806-372-3851 Office


Brenda Thompson
Atlantic Foods
330-452-6622 Office


Nick Rosati
HPC Foodservice
800-883-9800 Office


Danny Maxwell
Institutional Wholesale Company
931-537-4000 Office


Lloyd Chen
L & C Food Distribution
909-610-8971 Office

Louis Lacassagne
225-218-0237 Office


Mark Swan
McDonald Wholesale Co.
877-338-7593 Office


Adam Curtis
Pippin Wholesale Company
870-741-3421 Office


Kevin Cramer
Pocono ProFoods, Inc.
570-421-4990 Office


Brian Hase
Scavuzzo’s, Inc.
816-231-1517 Office

Lynn DeVoe
Scavuzzo’s, Inc.
816-231-1517 Office


Lindsay Farmer
Stanz Foodservice
800-342-5664 Office


Dave Fine
Sutherland’s Foodservice
404-366-8550 Office


Dave Lewis
Ted’s Foodservice, Inc.
209-466-8061 Office

Appetizers Fry Foods Restaurant's Pride, MFG Brand03/05/2018
Bacon Indiana Packers Restaurant's Pride 12/07/2018
Bagels & English MuffinsWholesome HarvestRestaurant's Pride 07/24/2017
BasesMajor Products through DOTRestaurant's Pride 04/24/2017
Beans, Dry PackTrinidad Benham MFG Brand 12/01/2018
Beverage EquipmentBunnMFG Brand 01/01/2018
Beverage- LiquidLassonde Pappas and Company, Inc.Restaurants Pride, MFG Brand 02/01/2018
Bread CrumbsQuality BakeryRestaurant's Pride 05/01/2017
BurgersHolten MeatRP Burgers12/07/2018
Can LinersInteplastRestaurant's Pride, MFG Brand 04/01/2018
Canned BeansFurmano FoodsMFG Brand06/01/2018
Canned Beans & TomatoesFurmano FoodsRestaurant's Pride07/01/2018
Canned FruitKnouse FoodsMFG Brand10/15/2018
Canned Fruits & VegetablesDel MonteMFG Brand07/30/2018
Canned Soups & GraviesVanee FoodsMFG Brand05/01/2018
Canned TomatoesHirzelRestaurant's Pride 10/01/2018
Canned Tomato JuiceRed GoldMFG Brand 09/01/2018
Canned TomatoesRed GoldRestaurant's Pride 09/01/2018
Canned Tomatoes, FruitPacific Coast ProducersRestaurant's Pride, MFG Brand 11/19/2018
Canned Tomatoes, FruitNeil JonesRestaurant's Pride, Orefresco, MFG Brand 10/01/2018
Canned Tomato ProductsTip Top CanningRestaurant's Pride, MFG Brand 08/01/2018
Canned VegetablesLakeside FoodsRestaurant's Pride, MFG Brand 01/01/2019
Canned VegetablesSenecaRestaurants Pride, MFG Brand 06/28/2018
Canned Vegetables, Sweet PotatoesMoody DunbarMFG Brand 03/01/2017
Center of the Plate ItemsJohn SoulesMFG Brand 07/01/2018
Chicken- BreadedAlbertville Restaurant's Pride 01/01/2018
Chicken- Breaded & IFOK FoodsMFG Brand 01/01/2018
Chicken- PortionsKochMFG Brand 12/07/2018
Chicken- Portions/CommoditiesTysonMFG Brand 12/07/2018
Chicken - CVPTysonMFG Brand 12/07/2018
CoffeeMid-America RoasterieBarista's Cup 10/01/2018
CondimentsClements FoodsRestaurant's Pride 02/15/2018
CutleryMax PackagingRestaurant's Pride 06/01/2018
Cutlery KitsMax PackagingRestaurant's Pride 08/01/2018
Dehydrated PotatoesBasic American FoodsMFG Brand 07/01/2018
Dehydrated PotatoesIdahoanRestaurant's Pride 09/01/2018
Dehydrated Potatoes SimplotMFG Brand 11/15/2017
Dressing and Sauce- KansasCF SauerMFG Brand 01/15/2018
Dressing and Sauce- South CarolinaCF SauerMFG Brand 01/15/2018
Eggs NE (shell)Kreider FarmsRestaurant's Pride 12/10/2018
French FriesSimplotRestaurant's Pride 06/15/2018
Gravy & Pancake MixesSwiss ProductsRestaurant's Pride07/01/2018
HamIndiana PackersRestaurant's Pride 12/07/2018
MayonnaiseCF Sauer Restaurant's Pride 12/10/2018
Nuts, Candies, and MintsAzarRestaurants Pride, MFG Brand 12/01/2018
OilCargill OilFrytatious & Butterful 03/01/2018
Pallet and Stretch WrapWestern PlasticsMFG Brand 01/15/2018
Pasta (dry) Zerega Orefresco, MFG Brand11/01/2018
Pork Chops Chicago Meat Authority Restaurant's Pride 12/07/2018
Portion ControlCF SauerRestaurant's Pride, MFG Brand04/16/2018
RibsIndiana PackersRestaurants Pride12/07/2018
Salad DressingsVenturaRestaurant's Pride 04/15/2018
SaltCargillMFG Brand10/01/2018
Smucker's UncrustablesSmucker'sUncrustables 07/01/2018
Syrups and VinegarBelton FoodsRestaurant's Pride 01/01/2018
WearablesRefrigiwearMFG Brand 09/01/2017