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Our Story


In 1954, the average cost for a new home was around $10,000, the Boeing 707  took its Maiden Flight, and Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio.

It was also the time a major shift took place in the food industry. The frozen food market was skyrocketing and needed direction.

Under the leadership of three pioneering men, the Frozen Food Forum, now known as Frosty Acres, was created. These men had the vision that the food industry needed high-quality brands, turnkey concepts, and team motivation to thrive. As the first foodservice cooperative, Frosty Acres transformed the foodservice industry through innovation, quality people, and values.


The Frozen Food Forum is formed by Dick Page, Sam Vogel, and Julius Levitt to lessen the gap between distributors, packers, and the big-chain market.  They started with six fruit and vegetable products.


Product line includes 170 items and more categories including: fruits, vegetables, seafood, concentrates, prepared foods, and baked goods.


The Garden Delight brand is added to the Frozen Food Forum, encompassing a supply of a variety of fresh vegetables.


The company name changes to Frosty Acres Brands, focusing less on big business, and more about helping their Members reach their goals and increase efficiency.


Frosty Acres Brands becomes F.A.B, Inc., offering programs that capitalize on opportunities beyond frozen products, as well as quality brands.


The first computer for coding invoices is used at Frosty Acres, allowing faster capabilities and payment processing with customers.


The AS400 computer is purchased, enabling EDI capabilities and therefore permitting Frosty Acres administrators the means to send and receive electronic business documents.


The Orefresco Italian brand is added in the Frosty Acres lineup, offering a perfect selection of Italian cuisine options.

Frytatious Shortening and Oils brand, a premium shortening product that has zero grams of trans-fat and a longer fry life, is introduced by Frosty Acres.


The Butterful brand, a liquid butter alternative with natural butter flavor, and the Performa Clean brand, providing top of the line cleaning products, are introduced by Frosty Acres.


The School for Eagles is launched, keeping Members' employees up to date on current trends in the marketplace and generating an enthusiasm for business operations.


The Restaurant’s Pride brand is introduced, a recognized leader in quality that offers a variety of products to the foodservice industry.


The Logistics Program starts, allowing Members to track and trace their shipments, improve backhaul opportunities, and improve their inventory turns.


The Cocina Casera brand joins Frosty Acres, providing home-style, southwestern flavors that work with any meal.


F.A.B.ulous Focus DSR Incentive Program is unveiled, designed to increase sales performance of Member Distributor Sales Representatives. This unique incentive program offers training and sales motivation, and Frosty Acres is the only buying group offering such a unique program.


Smart Distribution begins and Savings4Members is introduced, giving Members more ways to gain additional profits.


The eQSupply Program is started, offering customers everything from steak knives to refrigerators, with online ordering and competitive pricing.


The Logistics program is re-branded to NextLogistix, LLC.

Fabulously Fresh, a fresh produce program, is introduced.


Branding updates are made to Cocina Casera, Butterful, and Frytatious.

Barista's Cup premium back of the house coffee is introduced.

Frosty Acres Brands logo is redesigned.


Restaurant's Pride logo is redesigned and packaging updates begin.


  • Increase sales performance and motivation
  • Purchasing options that reduce operational costs
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Bring continuous growth to your bottom line
  • Expand your purchasing reach

Our Services

  • Ongoing training and education
  • Improve freight efficiencies
  • Collaborate with
    industry peers
  • Establish valuable relationships while sharing experiences
  • Marketing support and contract negotiations
  • Stay on target with changes in the industry

Our Brands

Delivering Quality and Variety

Foodservice distributors need to offer variety and quality. To that end, Frosty Acres offers over 2,000 items in our lineup of proprietary brands. With your customers expecting choices, Frosty Acres makes sure you can deliver for any customer anywhere.

Our Culture

A Relationship that Lasts

The fraternal organization of Frosty Acres reaches beyond the walls of our headquarters office. Not only do we have several employees with over 20 years at Frosty Acres, but we also have Members that have been with us since the 50s. The strength and importance of these relationships is the foundation of our culture. Being part of Frosty Acres is truly participating in something special.

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